About the Creators

Eric J. Cockrell – Co-creator/Co-writer

Eric Joseph Cockrell is an Aster Award-winning video producer, comic book creator, author, and a co-host and producer of the web video series “Strange Tales Weekly.” He is best known for the comic book adaptation of his book “Blister” which follows a group of punk rock kids in their formative years. Essence House is his first foray into serial podcasting.

Chuck Pineau – Co-creator/Co-writer

Chuck Pineau is a comic writer and editor. He is known as a generous supporter of independent comic creations through his tireless work with Indie Advocates and his YouTube review channel, Chuck’s Raw Reviews. As an editor, he has worked on dozens of titles in any number of genres. As a writer, he is best known for Welcome to the Void, a tale of an outsider who finds himself deeply embroiled in a strangeness he can only hope to understand. Essence House is his first foray into serial podcasting.

Mike Goodrick – Voice Actor

Mike Goodrick is a voice-over artist, musician & audio engineer, who has been acting, singing, and recording for over 15 years. Mike has worked with clients such as Spotify, Ticketmaster, and Kenmore Appliances, and has read for over 50 audiobooks on the Audible network.


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